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Lead Sheet
Lead Sheet & Lead Plate
The usual sizes we supply are:
Length:             6m or 10m
Width:              1m to 2.29m
Thickness:         0.5mm to 50mm
Please click Weight Table for weight guidance.

Lead is an extremely efficient material for the purpose of radiation shielding. Among its applciation areas are medical departments where x-ray equipment is used, such as dentist offices or hospitals. Lead has several properties that make it suitable as radiation shield. Lead´s primary advantage is its high density and atomic number, creating a highly efficient radiation shield that does not absorb any radiation.

Secondly, lead is extremely malleable and flexible, making it easy to process quickly. The processing costs of lead are also lower than those of alternative products. In contrast to concrete, for example, lead panels can easily be disassembled and relocated in construction or restructuring work. Finally, lead delivers excellent environmental performance, primarily due to its 100% recyclability. In short: Sustainable, Flexible, Protective.

We supplies a broad range of radiation shielding products from lead granulate to entire walls. Many products can be cut to size to suit your project, so dimensions are variable. The radiation shielding products are manufactured entirely to your specifications.

Our Products are applied in sectors such as:   
►  Nuclear medicine - for the safe transport and storage of radioactive isotopes
     used in modern scan technologies.
►  Hospitals and physician and dentist offices using x-ray equioment.
  • ►  Electronics and industrial applications, for instance in linear accelerators or x-ray systems for 
  •      non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • ►  Research Institutes.

  • Lead sheet is effectively used for waterproofing, soundproofing and most importantly, for shielding against radiation. It can be bent or shaped to form with ease as required for various applications. It is fully recyclable and are commonly used to provide radiation shielding as in medical centers, research laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, terminal check points, etc.
    We provide fabrication services to your specifications. 


Lead Sheet & Lead Plate




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