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EDM Graphite - Grade G12

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Electrical Discharge Machining Graphite Grade G12
G12 is an ultrafine grain isotropic EDM Graphite which offers high strength and good wear properties. These properties of G12 enhances the finishing EDM process by providing good detail, wear resistance, speed and fine surface finish.

  • Aerospace Applications
  • Fine-detailed Electrodes
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Blind Cavity Work
  • Minimum-taper-cavities
  • Threading Electrodes

EDM Graphite Grades are designed to span the range of application conditions from high metal removal rates to fine detail finishing.

  • Density - 1.84 g / cm3
  •  Porosity (Open) - 10 %
  •  Average Grain Size - 5 µm
  •  Pore Size - 0.8 µm
  •  Permeability (air at 20°C) - 3 x 10-2cm2 / sec
  •  Hardness Rockwell B - 95 (HR 5 / 100)
  •  Bending strength - 65 N / mm2
  •  Young´s modulus - 12.5 kN / mm2
  •  Electrical resistance - 14 µΩm
  •  Thermal conductivity - 90 Wm-1 k-1
  •  Thermal expansion (20-200°C) - 3.9 x 10-6 / K
  •  Ash value - max 0.2%
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